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Vilma Maré’s post-modern deconstructive fashion deploys sartorial
technology informed by historical architecture and structural
anatomy, as well as Maré’s Baltic sensibilities. Designed with a keen
awareness of garments as phenomenological embodiments, contributing to our ‘epidermic self-awareness’, Vilma's clothes become seeked components for certain women social scenes (her clients are artists of many ways).

Vilma Maré renders wearable designs via vertical, intertwined, flattering lines and textures of exposed and raw seams; hand stitching/gathering called smocking, felting wool jerseys. All combined she creates a perfect fit . Vilma designs and executes every first sample herself, then takes it to the production locally and overseas.

(hi)story fashion label was established 2000 and speaks of a chosen at-a-time historical clothing culture and tradition. Designer is offering her interpretation for our days in the manner of post-modern school: we de-construct, preserve and interpret our clothing culture to modern conditions and lifestyle. (hi)story is sewn using natural materials (wool, rayon and silk jerseys) and original sewing/finishing technology.

Vilma Maré has developed a line of a 'power suit' for women, where the strength is not aggressive, but crafty, calm, monogamous and very comfortable to be in. In American present slang "crafty" = "clever", may be therefore craftiness is made visible in designer's clothes...
Designer adds:
My favourite poet Vladas Braziunas emphasizes 'past present' poetic times, or the archetypal 'holly times'. That's exactly what I create with my (hi)story business: past-present history, past-present mind, collectively acquired, but forgotten experience comes alive when celebrated, when one looks and feels good.

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