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Design forum Vilma Marė "Baltic style"

 Functional décor:  authentic textural technique of darts that form fit a woman’s body
Vilma Marė is creating an authentic female image that has hereditary connection with indigenous rites, worship of ancestral land and family values, holding harmonious dialog between Man and Nature.

Baltic celebrations are charged by mythic moments, the purpose of these rituals is to restore a sacred world. In mythical dimension by merging archetypal water, black rooster blood, fire (symbolic meaning of white, black and red colors) the world is reborn.
To stay original by nourishing one’s life with genuine rites and indigenous attitude. Designer cares to portray a woman with serene, thoughtful clothing semantics laid out for us in Lithuanian antiquity also called Bronze Age.
Vilma Marė designs are executed with knit and felted fabrics out of natural fibers. Textural lines applied to the surface depict an ancient script of rhythmic, diligent, consistent and sedentary lines from Baltic wooden and metal artifacts, esp. jewelry. Transferring this script-like-décor from historically given materials into contemporary textiles helped the author develop a personal sartorial technique and authentic female attire. Author’s textural technique forms a perfect fit and helps hold the surface architecturally.

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