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Fashion designer Vilma Marė. Baltic style

As the artist is designing apparel and searching for original ways to exhibit it, she also promotes the preservation of indigenous identity and respect for its idiosyncrasies.
Designer is concerned with a noble woman‘s portrait. Besides usual apparel body protection and adornment, she also maintains it‘s spiritual content – protection against harm, attraction of fertility and happiness. Everything serves for this matter: symbolic colors, finishing details and lineal rhythm in decor.
One of the most outstanding features of Post-modernism is to reference historical art forms and indigenous traditions, to reinforce semiotic and symbolic dimensions. They are manifested very distinctly in the works of Vilma Marė. The artist draws inspiration researching Baltic era artifacts. By conveying that beauty into modern fashion, Vilma Marė discovered an authentic sartorial technique. This application of lineal texture to the surface of a garment depicts an ancient script of rhythmic, diligent dashes raised or engraved in Baltic wooden and metal artifacts, esp. jewelry.
Designer creates an authentic female attire out of natural fabrics, esp. boiled wool. Author’s textural technique forms a perfect fit and helps hold the surface architecturally.
Vilma Marė refuses fashion catwalk presentations. Instead she chooses more intimate exposure, this time an etude „Time Frame“ created by pantomime artists. After all the best virtue fashion has is to reference a particular time frame.

Functional decor - enhansing textural net that forms a perfect fit.

Author‘s technique – material transformation of enscripted symbols of Antiquity into a contemporary textile. Executed with rotary cutters and perforating blades that make lines sharp.


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