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'QUEEN OF SERPENTS' Artist Talk and Panel Discussion

Fashion designer Vilma Mare is joined by `ekologics Kathleen Tesnakis and Nationally Acclaimed Speaker and Author James Howard Kunstler for a Panel Discussion on the Creative Economy.

Sunday, November 23, 2014 : 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Cohoes, New York: On November 23rd, 'The Foundry for Art Design + Culture's' current exhibition, fashion designer Vilma Mare's 'Queen of Serpents,' will close with a reception that will feature an artist talk and panel discussion with nationally acclaimed author and public speaker James Howard Kunstler, fashion designers Vilma Mare (Founder ofBaltic Style, Great Barrington, MA) and Kathleen Tesnakis (Founder at `e ko logic, Troy, NY) in a panel discussion about the psychological impediments to rebuilding local economies and the obstacles faced by the artisan community as they strive to overcome the day to day challenges of competing in a global economy.

'Queen of Serpents' is the latest in an ongoing series of exhibitions, but as Alana Sparrow, Principal Founding Artist at the Foundry, notes, "This exhibition is unique in that it is the first time that the visiting artist is from the fashion industry and not the fine arts. By having the artist come from a different creative sector, our series has been strengthened by the multiplicity of viewpoints brought to the curatorial process." 

This event is a co production by The Foundry for Art Design + Culture2440 Design Studio and Electric City Couture.

"Fashion has always had a strong resonance in societal social structures..." states show co producer Corey Aldrich, owner at 2440 Design Studio. "In this exhibition, Vilma uses fashion as a context for a broader discussion about our relationship with nature and the reconnection with our primitive selves and intuitions."

This event is sponsored in part by Universal Preservation Hall, host of the upcoming 2015 Electric City Couture Spring Show and Saratoga Pool and Tub

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Vilma Mare studied at Kaunas College in Lithuania and F.I.T. in the US. Through an application of traditional quilt making as a art form and healing gift, she invented a technique of tailoring within a new aesthetic and original style. Vilma has shown in galleries around the world including France, Lithuania and NYC and her clothes have been featured in hot NYC boutiques such as Patricia Fields, Antique Boutique, About Time, Henri Bendel, Bond 07 and others. 

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The Foundry for Art Design + Culture : In 2007 under the leadership of Alana Sparrow and Jesse Matulis, The Foundry for Art Design + Culture, LLC was incorporated as a social enterprise to inspire economic opportunities in New York's Capital Region by fostering innovative collaborations between creatives, cultural and educational institutions, non-profits, businesses and civic institutions. The mission of The Foundry is to identify and inspire economic opportunities for individuals working in the arts and creative sectors.

Electric City Couture : Exhibiting Original Designs by Emerging Designers

The Mission of ECC is to create a sustainable, fabulous scene that raises awareness for the art of fashion and fashion related support industries, specifically regionally produced design and services that can help stimulate regional economic development through the fashion based creative economy. ECC was created in the Spring of 2011 and has been active in producing fashion shows and supporting regional designers ever since. 2015 will mark ECC's 5th season. For more information :

2440 Design Studio : 2440 is a brand development and business process management / development company. Current projects include cash flow analysis and market penetration, strategic market planning, 3rd party project team oversight, public relations, event planning and front end visual brand design. 2440 is committed to mission oriented organizations and works closely with NFP's and FP organiazations in the visual arts, performance arts, historic renovation, social justice and fashion arenas in addition to small FP independent businesses. Additionally, 2440 has been at the forefront of the development of an Regional Fashion Economy through a project called Electric City Couture, a promotional vehicle for fashion designers, models, photographers and regional independent boutiques. For more information : 
Contact: Alana Sparrow | Director at The Foundry for Art Design + Culture 
Phone: 518.878.2612 | Email:
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