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McDaris Fine Art: Queen of Serpents Myth | Vilma Mare

by Dale Stewart / Six Media (posted by Dale Stewart)

Hudson, New York — McDaris Fine Art in collaboration with 2440 Design Studio presents an innovative exhibition featuring Lithuanian born, regionally based fashion designer Vilma Mare of Baltic Style. Mare explores contemporary culture through an installation involving a symbolic ceremony that recreates a time of connection and cleansing. Egle, the Queen of Serpents is a feminine image with hereditary connection to indigenous rites, worship of ancestral land and family values, and harmonious dialogue between Humankind and Nature. Through the merging of archetypal water, blood and fire the world is reborn. The purpose is to restore the values of a sacred world. This story depicts an ancient ritual understood from a female perspective whereby Egle takes a central role as she becomes a mediator between “sacral” and “secular” spheres.

The exhibition is comprised of artisanal clothing styles including coats, skirts and other vestments. Besides the usual body protection and adornment aspects of the apparel, Vilma also maintains it’s spiritual content – protection against harm and the attraction of fertility and happiness. Additionally, five large oversized, sartorial tapestries based on characters from the mythical story, and nine large original flags depicting a traditional celebration scene will be on display.
Exploring this non-heroic Baltic myth, the artist is promoting the preservation of indigenous identity and respect for its idiosyncrasies through a wearable design aesthetic. Vilma’s Baltic Style dresses a woman in natural healthy fabrics and comforting clothing while portraying her within serene, thoughtful semantics that are able to communicate the universal values of respect to Earth’s and Woman’s fertility, and a devotion to one’s family and health.
“Vilma brings a heightened sense of connection and meaning to the clothing she designs…by combining a high degree of design and craftsmanship with a strong sense of spirituality she transcends the boundaries of typical fashion and creates an empowered, wearable aesthetic.” – Corey Aldrich, Founder | Electric City Couture
A closing reception on Sunday, February 22 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM will feature an artist talk by designer Vilma Mare. In discussing the function of clothing in a pre christian time, scholar ethnologist Vytautas Tumenas indicates that beauty used to be ‘created for protection.’ Whether it was a ceremonial, bridal outfit or a dress for success – the goal was sacred and held powerful. Her purpose today is distinct from a fashion design and an industry perspective : to bring wise and meaningful semantics to the clothes we wear and save ourselves from fruitless beautification. Vilma will discuss the importance of portraying the studious cultural history of ethnic minorities who observed and valued above all the powers of Nature.
A pop up store will feature garments for purchase.
Additional event production and support for the Queen of Serpents exhibition is provided by 2440 Design Studio and Electric City Couture.
Vilma Mare Baltic Style: Vilma studied at Kaunas College in Lithuania and F.I.T. in the US. Through an application of traditional quilt making as a art form and healing gift, she invented a technique of tailoring within a new aesthetic and original style. Vilma has shown in galleries around the world including France, Lithuania and NYC and her clothes have been featured in hot NYC boutiques such as Patricia Fields, Antique Boutique, About Time, Henri Bendel, Bond 07 and others.
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Monday 10:00 to 5:00 PM | Thursday & Friday 11:00 to 7:00 PM | Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 11:00 to 6:00 PM

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