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About sartorial artist Vilma Mare

Vilma Mare is a sartorial artist, fitting all her sewn work under one description. Mainly known for her form fitted textural fashion design and clothing store/ atelier in Hudson,NY and Great Barrington,MA. Vilma Mare motto is Functional Decor.
In USA she applied quilters' purposeful art and tools to her work expression: a system of perforations and textural darts composes an authentic sartorial technique and aesthetics, also a custom perfect fit.
By testing and pre-washing boiled wool goods designer adds longevity and wholesomeness ( no dry clean, no static, no sweatshop/ factory execution) to the clothes sewn locally and in Lithuania.
In 2014 she started exploring surface design for private and public interiors. Her monumental tree tapestries are wall hanging and a wall or partition providing art ( blocking unwanted scene or seasonal draft).
Ms. Mare is a Nature worshiping artist bringing wool and stitch textures along with Nature colors and sacred imagery to work for the healing. Vilma learned from her distant ancestors to create beauty for protection. Shocking and holistically powerful news to a contemporary man.

Vilma invites to her home studio
1652 CR 7A Copake, NY 12516
to join a sewing circles
Thursdays 6-7pm
( materials provided) to learn her sartorial discoveries and make couple warm and good things for oneself or a friend.
Or individual fitting, sewing session by appointment.

Vilma Mare Baltic style studies, promotes and supports extinct or endangered ethnic cultures because namely those were able to create a peaceful mythology and non-agressive, non-invasive human beings.

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