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Design motto: FUNCTIONAL DECOR emerged from de-constructive school of 
fashion design. Vilma Mare's original construction and textural sewing technique 
helps shape a perfect custom fit  and a sustainable business. 
Vilma Mare, sartorial artist, promotes Baltic style - materials for colder climate 
(wool and viscose) and originaly placid aesthetics.   
Vilma adapted quilt making tools to achieve sensuous texture.  Due to this great equipment, abrotary cutter, Vilma's
surface and fashion design work achieves sculptural and lineal readability. Totemic tree 
tapestries, stitched in wool felt, are the subjects from peaceful Baltic mythology and by all
indigenous cultures, endangered or already extinct.  
Fashion design interests V. Mare for it's rich semantic history and expression. Designer's goal is to interface fashion, therefore our daily routine with 
a myth identifying Man within
Photo features Winter wedding Ark jacket and AD long skirt. 

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