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Tree tapestries

Vilma Mare is posting her sartorial artworks #Instagram


Inspired by ancient Baltic artifacts in which she recognizes an integral aesthetic system, a script of symbols that are cosmological and semantic manifestations of harmony, healing, earthly powers. By transferring these symbols onto a fabric, she originates her sartorial technique and aesthetics. To restore the hope for nature's powers , the artist hand embroiders messages from extinguished indigenous cultures.

Monumental textured felt tapestries of trees depict characters from Baltic mythology. Trees are  mediators between Man and Gods. They are the temples. Spruce for destiny and fertility. Oak - truth and vitality, Birch valued for it's healing powers. 

Vilma’s aim is to recognize ethnic traits (some are still alive !) and conceptually propagate them as essential links to the lost spiritual perceptions of the universe. Through creativity, she attempts to relate to her innate Origin recognizing in contemporary oeuvre a need for the old world prudence and connection.

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