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Once again about my experience

I have an extensive (35 years ) experience in fashion design and custom tailoring starting from Lithuanian Fashion Art Theater to many fashion design consulting jobs in NYC, to my own gallery/fashion lab under quite a post modern name (hi)story labor(atory) in a recent cultural awakening of Hudson, NY, USA.
I  approach my profession from many intelligent and crafty angles. One of the steadiest objective is to form contemporary clothes by my original textural technique - functional decor. It is sculptural and able to achieve a perfect fit. It holds her body in an architectural fabrication of textural lines that help that body to look taller, slimmer, calmer.

Besides 'Vilma Mare Baltic style' ready- to -wear collection I customize these clothes to any given body with the help of 3-13 taken measurements. 36 years of experience!

I do receive many compliments as a Futurist, edgy, innovative, architectural, post- modern. Thank you all. I will continue celebrating our lifetime through high fashion clothes and quality lifestyle. Please follow and support:
Theory behind my practice:

Post-modern approach by interfacing my creative field with archetypal, mythical, symbolic influence. Textile, clothes, pottery are of the longest use in human history and still able and allowing to be reinvented!


There is hardly ever a discount on my product, because all mistakes can be corrected in my sewing studio.

...and a toast:

To many pleasant sartorial dates!
Please book an appointment and follow my international and domestic Craft Fair participation below:

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