Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all , especially my supporters and friends!

2017 was a great year:

- 3 galleries in USA are presenting my designs. Tanjibar in Baltimore MD, Pennello Gallery in Cleveland OH and Etc. in Wheeling WV.

- had 3 art shows that introduced Baltic perception for harmonious world, peaceful mythology and respect toward indigenous cultures. A donation I collected at my Fashion NY week presentation and sent to #noDAPL.

- attended 10 fine craft / art fairs and sold to 63 new customers, 23 new clients gave me custom orders and only one was unsatisfied because of fabric issues.

Catalog Artful Home accepted my products - 20 happy customers and one return only!

- at 2 galleries in Lithuania I helped local people to rediscover a meaningful beauty encoded by their own indigenous origin. I also organized 4 meditative hand stitching circles where over 30 ladies embroidered dresses for themselves with native symbols of sacred geometry. Some of them periodically meet and perform beautiful ritual songs.  All that initiative is becoming a part of Indigenous resistance movement and neo-Baltic folk culture.

Thank you to my family, teachers, Standing Rock , Romuva, and all Gods!

- Vilma Marė