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Myth Protecting Our Lives 

Vilma Mare is an indigenous Baltic artist living in USA and Lithuania.
She studies early folk heritage and exercises her native rites.
Besides her major fashion design, she organizes hand stitching circles
to revive communal seedbed for interaction and education of
indigenous symbols as wearable protection. 

Vilma also creates sartorial art compositions in wool felt serving
as wall tapestries or space partitions to tell the importance of
Indigenous cultures today.
After a thousand years of colonizing Christian politics finally the world
acknowledged coherent values of Indigenous people who religiously
continue to protect their environment. Now they redeem the Earth
from ecological catastrophe. The sanctity of Nature testified by their
ancestors in songs and stories are reviving as a cultural necessity.
A protecting provision of Sacred Groves is of vital importance today.

The artist created work with a visible mytho-religious tree adoration,
a surviving cult within some resistant folks till nowadays.
Their protection is undertaken by many folktales including Egle
Queen of Serpents to bring people back to Nature, where they
essentially belong.

Vilma Mare’s goal is to emanate the eternal message about
Man’s harmonious life in Nature. Her sartorial tapestry “Earth”
is portraying a tree in colors of soil, all colors in one.
It’s silhouette resembles a woman in a ritual dance step.
Her skirt is the trunk and roots - deep, full and fertile.
Her hands are spread towards the Sun, protecting life on and in the ground. 

Currently Vilma has an exhibit at State Service for Protected Areas
under the Ministry of Environment in Lithuania.

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