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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all , especially my supporters and friends!

2017 was a great year:

- 3 galleries in USA are presenting my designs. Tanjibar in Baltimore MD, Pennello Gallery in Cleveland OH and Etc. in Wheeling WV.

- had 3 art shows that introduced Baltic perception for harmonious world, peaceful mythology and respect toward indigenous cultures. A donation I collected at my Fashion NY week presentation and sent to #noDAPL.

- attended 10 fine craft / art fairs and sold to 63 new customers, 23 new clients gave me custom orders and only one was unsatisfied because of fabric issues.

Catalog Artful Home accepted my products - 20 happy customers and one return only!

- at 2 galleries in Lithuania I helped local people to rediscover a meaningful beauty encoded by their own indigenous origin. I also organized 4 meditative hand stitching circles where over 30 ladies embroidered dresses for themselves with native symbols of sacred geometry. Some of them periodically meet and perform beautiful ritual songs.  All that initiative is becoming a part of Indigenous resistance movement and neo-Baltic folk culture.

Thank you to my family, teachers, Standing Rock , Romuva, and all Gods!

- Vilma Marė


Available now:

Scarf (over head /shoulders) with 2 pockets $150
(any color suggested and swatch approved), pls.go to contacts now.

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Once again about my experience

At Craft show in Purchase , NY I was annoyed by a number of women customers scared to give me a special or even a regular order comparing me to their previous bad experiences,  that had no association with my work. Less annoyed than embarrassed.  Why even take such an endevour away from my local grounds?

I do have an extensive (35 years ) experience in fashion design and custom tailoring starting from Lithuanian Fashion Art Theater to many fashion design consulting jobs in NYC, to my own gallery/fashion lab under a post modern name (hi)story labor(atory) in a recent cultural awakening of Hudson, NY, USA.
I  approach my profession from many intelligent and crafty angles. My customers say that clothes made by me hold women's body with a gentle power and protection.

Besides my ready- to -wear collection I am able to customize Vilma Mare Baltic style clothes to any given body with the help of 3-13 taken measurements. 35 years experience is a celebration ! (as Jonas Mekas says).

I do receive many compliments as a Futurist, edgy, innovative, architectural, post- modern. Thank you all. I will continue celebrating our lifetime through high fashion clothes and quality lifestyle. Join when you can

Theory behind my practice:
exhibiting and buying at Craft and Art Fairs is another post-modern experience because here one can find our cultural essentia
ls in archetypal , classical , mythical , period and many other ways expressed. These objects of the longest use in human history like textile, clothes, pottery, signs are still able and allowing to be reinvented. Many made with modern tools for contemporary aesthetics. Objects worthy investment.

There is hardly ever a discount on my product, because all blemishes i ccorrect. My  discards are as large as one supermarket shopping bag a week , therefore we say here in my shop:
- No trash, all is an improvement.  I am very thankful to to all eyes that notice an error in my sartorial production.

To many pleasant sartorial dates! Please book an appointment or follow my show attendance below:


2017-18 shows in USA

Scarf (over head /shoulders) with 2 pockets $150
(any color suggested and swatch approved), pls.go to contacts now.

2017/18 schedule of shows in USA:

October 7-9 Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton,  MA

October 20-22 Sheep and wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY

October 27-29 Artrider craft show in Purchase, NY

November 3-5 Artrider craft show in Westport , NY

November 2- December 9 Wearable Art and Surface Design at Lighthouse ArtCenter, Tequesta, FL

November 17-19 Brooklyn Museum, NYC

November 24-25 Farm and flea at Basilica in Hudson, NY

December 8-10 Artrider craft show in Morristown, NJ

December 14-17 CraftBoston Holiday in Boston, MA

February 21-22 Craft council WHOLESALE show in Baltimore,  MD

- Bee well,

for sartorial work updates please follow:

Vilma Mare
tel. 917 992 4726