sartorial art and fashion exhibit


Sartorial art and fashion exhibit by Vilma Mare
at Wendy McDaris Fine Art Gallery, 623 Warren St. Hudson, NY, USA

Opening January 03, 2015 6-9pm
Artist talk and closing February 22, 2015 2-4pm



'QUEEN OF SERPENTS' Artist Talk and Panel Discussion

Fashion designer Vilma Mare is joined by `ekologics Kathleen Tesnakis and Nationally Acclaimed Speaker and Author James Howard Kunstler for a Panel Discussion on the Creative Economy.


Invitation to sartorial art and fashion installation

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Cohoes- The Foundry for Art Design + Culture's Visiting Artist Series [VAS] continues with an innovative exhibition featuring Lithuanian born, regionally based fashion designer Vilma Mare. Mare will be exploring contemporary culture through an installation involving a symbolic ceremony that recreates a time of connection and cleansing. Egle, the 'Queen of Serpents' is a feminine image with hereditary connection to indigenous rites, worship of ancestral land and family values, and harmonious dialogue between Humankind and Nature. Through the merging of archetypal water, blood and fire the world is reborn. The purpose is to restore the values of a sacred world. This story depicts an ancient ritual understood from a female perspective whereby Egle takes a central role as she becomes a mediator between "sacral" and "secular" spheres.